The DISRUPT Partners

Nine (9) organisations, including two (2) end users from the automotive and the consumers durables and electronics sectors, four (4) ICT companies and three (3) research institutions from six (6) European and associated countries.

  • CRF
    Centro Ricerche FIAT ScpA
    Project Coordinator, Use case provider

    Main private research centre in Italy, with mission to develop innovation in the products, processes and methodologies of the Fiat Group.

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  • Arcelik
    Arcelik A.S.
    Dissemination Leader, Use case provider

    Consumer durables, consumer electronics and information technologies equipments design and manufacturing company of Koç Holding.

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  • SAG
    Software AG
    Technology provider, leader in data analytics

    Leading European system software manufacturer with the aim to assist organizations in achieving their business objectives faster.

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  • atc
    Athens Technology Center SA
    Technology provider, integration leader

    An SME IT company offering horizontal technological solutions and providing products and services in vertical markets.

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  • boc
    BOC Asset Management GMBH
    Technology provider for business modelling

    Software development house and consultant in the field of IT-supported management approaches, with focus in Business Process Modelling

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  • simplan
    SimPlan AG
    Simulation, impact assessment

    A company focused on process improvement technologies for manufacturing, logistics, and transportation companies.

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  • manchester
    University of Manchester
    Requirements analysis, architecture leader

    One of the UK’s leading universities with expertise in Conceptual Modelling, Requirements Engineering, Cloud and Distributed Computing.

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  • cnr
    National Council of Research
    Specifications, Cyber-Physical Systems

    The Italian Institute for Industrial Technologies and Automation to advance growth of competitiveness and sustainability of manufacturing.

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  • aueb
    Athens University of Economics and Business
    Technical Coordinator, leader in decision support

    Research Institute with experience in optimisation and simulation, applied to manufacturing and supply chain management.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723541

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