D1.4: User requirements, data requirements and management

The purpose of this deliverable is to exhaustively capture, list and justify the user requirements for DISRUPT, upon which the system specifications will be established. This ensures that there is a clear mapping from business to technology, i.e., that the DISRUPT system indeed covers contemporary business needs in manufacturing for both its two industrial partners (and sectors) and for Industry 4.0 transition


D1.3: Use-cases and manufacturing goals

The main objectives of D1.3 are: (a) establishing an understanding of the current production settings for the two user manufacturing companies (CRF-FCA and Arcelik), (b) formally describing the current operational environments and the needs for change of the two companies, and (c) situating the requirements and aspirations of the two companies in their respective current settings.


D1.2: Manufacturing cases elucidation and market analysis

The main objective of D1.2 is to establish the industrial and commercial backdrop against which the DISRUPT technologies will be developed in order to meet business expectations for both end-user industries (i.e., manufacturers) and technology providers (i.e., ICT vendors)


D1.5: Business Models (interim version M12)

The results presented at this version are the outcome of a broad survey of existing approaches, business models and business cases. This is a interim version for month 12


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723541

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