The DISRUPT Business Scenarios

The objectives

The challenges of the contemporary manufacturing landscape increase continuously due to globalised competition, a growing product range, increased product differentiation, and a mounting complexity of processes and machines to be orchestrated for achieving simultaneously numerous and often conflicting goals like productivity, sustainability and responsiveness. In response to these challenges, DISRUPT empowers a synthetic approach to address resource efficiency, production costs, socially driven manufacturing for environmental consciousness and versatility of consumer demand.

  • Dynamic production reconfigurability
  • Dynamic production scaling
  • Decision Support
  • Decentralised (self-) adjustment of production
  • Resource Optimisation

The outcome

Deliver production technologies that achieve dynamic production reconfigurability and scaling, facilitate decision support by accommodating value chain collaboration and enable decentralised (self-) adjustment of production, while also incorporating resource optimisation.

Consumer Durables and Electronics

DISRUPT delivers market-driven production reconfiguration, scaling and optimization services to revolutionise the Arcelik production planning. Through offering an integrated toolset, DISRUPT will support manufacturing decisions for process (re-)design, production and capacity planning by integrating modelling, simulation and optimisation components. These components scale from the plant floor level up to the value chain level and thus incorporate information from the whole manufacturing process.

The DISRUPT approach will result in production schemes that are flexible and hence easily reconfigurable, while facilitating informed decision making.


DISRUPT aims to address the need to ensure business continuity in the ever-changing contemporary manufacturing environment, where production goals are often derailed by late-cycle changes, the use of unqualified and nonstandard parts, unexpected plant floor events, low supplier involvement and the lack of proper decision support tools to handle the above.

Through the DISRUPT technologies, a holistic approach for ecosystem-aware and event-enabled production planning and control will be developed that will enable evaluating different scenarios and alternatives. The latter will allow for the evaluation of dynamically and responsively changing conditions in the production models in real-time, seamlessly communicating the corresponding changes straight to production and across the value chain.

IoT and CSP

DISRUPT encompasses a modular, decentralised approach to implementing Cyber Physical Systems and Internet of Things for automated plant floor event handling and self-adjustment in Industry 4.0. It will structure the virtual representation of the production process as a network of interconnected, autonomous networks of cooperating decentralised Smart Objects that will cooperate and exchange information with human users, DISRUPT tools and modules, and other smart objects and devices, while also utilising the analytics and optimisation tools to self-adjust.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723541

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